IDEXX SNAP BVDV Antigen Test Kit/Box 5

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Brand: IDEXX Livestock Testing

The IDEXX SNAP BVDV Antigen (Ag) Test helps identify bovine viral diarrhea virus-infected cattle in just 20 minutes to prevent the spread of BVDV. By testing all newborn calves, replacements and bulls, veterinarians can help producers ensure the safety of the entire herd and add market value.

Kit includes 5 SNAP BVDV devices and 5 ear notch tubes with 1.5 ml of anti-BVDV: HRPO conjugate; and 5 transfer pipettes. *Includes insulated shipping. Tests and conjugate should be refrigerated upon arrival.

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Fast, easy an accurate testing for the detection of BVDV.
Rule out BVDV infection
  • Test all new introductions to the herd—newborn calves, replacements and bulls
  • Identify persistently infected (PI) animals in the herd

Easy to run
  • Flexible sample types (ear notch or serum)
  • Run on farm or back at the clinic
  • Simple test protocol utilizes reliable IDEXX SNAP® platform

Rapid, results in 20 minutes
  • Diagnosis accurately for same-day treatment recommendation
  • Antigen test uses enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) technology


Dependable results for ear-notch and serum samples

The IDEXX SNAP BVDV Antigen Test is a highly sensitive and specific test. Its performance is matched to the widely used IDEXX BVDV PI X2 Test.

Sensitivity and Specificity

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