IDEXX OnFarm Pregnancy Test Kits Pkg-Box/25 (Includes Test Kits, Tubes, Needles & Holders)

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Brand: IDEXX Livestock Testing

What is an Alertys OnFarm Pregnancy Test? Innovative Alertys blood-based test offers flexible, accurate testing options. Detects pregnancy associated glycoproteins (PAGs) in whole blood (EDTA) as early as 28 days post breeding and 70 days post calving. Read results easily and make decisions quickly.

Important Features and Benefits of Alertys:

  • Increases production, reduces days open, and also improves herd health with accurate and fast results.
  • Reduces animal handling and stress, as well as decreases subjectivity and time spent training.
  • Allows bovine EDTA whole blood, plasma or serum sample types.
  • Results available in 5-20 minutes.

What is included?

Box/25 Test Kits Package includes 25 test pouches, 25 EDTA lavender top tubes, 25 multi-sample needles and 10 needle holders. Each test pouch contains 1 Alertys OnFarm Pregnancy device, 1 pipette and 1 single-use solution.

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